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readers who are seeking employment?

                                                               KM:  Don’t sale yourself short!  It’s  a  tough time  for
                                                               anyone  looking for employment,  but take advantage
                                                               of the resources  that are available.  Better yourself.
                                                               Even though you may not have employment now, there
                                                               are lots of opportunities to gain training, and to gain
                                                               new skills. Make sure that the skills that you currently
                                                               posses are not diminished during unemployment, but
                                                               that the skill remains polished. The need for learning is
        1 on 1 with                                            lifelong and not just temporary.

        Kimberly Moore                                         LL:  What kinds of programs are offered through
                                                               Workforce Plus that deals with individuals re-entering
                                                               into society from incarceration?
        CEO OF WORKFORCE PLUS                                  KM: When it comes to re-entry we do offer federal

        Kimberly Moore, CEO of Workforce Plus, sat down with   bonding  workshops, where as when an employer
                                                               wants to give an job opportunity to someone who has a
        Lifeline to discuss issues relating to the unemployment   criminal background we can provide the employer with
        rates in the big bend area. Get  ready: the leader of   bonding  insurance.  The insurance basically  protects
        the big bend’s largest employment  agency  company     the employer for giving that individual a second chance.
        is about to give you tips to help you get employed and
        stay there.                                            LL:  Earlier you spoke of  partnerships with credit
                                                               counseling  and  consumer  services. Why does
        LL:  What can we you say about  the unemployment       Workforce Plus feel the need to help one manage his/
        rates of African American  men across the Big Bend     her credit/finances?
                                                               KM: Interesting enough,  although  it important to
        KM: I don’t think it’s any different than what we are   access and purchase things with credit it is also
        seeing on a national front with unemployment across the   becoming an important factor in securing employment.
        board, but focusing in on this area, the unemployment   It’s important for us (Workforce Plus) to communicate
        rate is 8.4% (Leon County). What we have found within   that although  you may have poor credit right now,
        this is that Black men make up a great amount of the   here is an opportunity to rebuild. People usually know
        percentile that are unemployed. The same holds true    they have poor credit, but do they don’t have the tools
        in the amount of time it takes for an African American   or information to move from that situation to a more
        man to be employed it takes longer. There are certainly   positive one?  We understand  that. So we offer our
        other variables to be considered, but these are trends   customer base these services under one roof.
        that we have been able to document.
                                                               LL: Is there anything that you want our readers to know
        LL:  What  are some of  the key  initiatives and       about workforce that we didn’t cover?
        partnerships that you have put in place or have been a
        part of that men (or women) can take advantage of at   KM: The services that Workforce Plus provide are not
        Workforce Plus?                                        dedicated to just one group. It’s for the community. Our
                                                               services are available to anyone from youth to the older
        KM: Well, we have partnerships with the Leon County    worker. If you don’t need the services, we encourage
        School district where we are able to conduct a GED     you to be a part of the solution. You can contribute by
        program and classes at the Workforce Plus offices.  We   donating clothing or by being a motivational speaker. I
        have partnerships with credit counseling and consumer   think all these things are vital in building a community
        services, vocational rehabilitation, Big Bend Cares, Big   that we can be proud of. We just all have to contribute.
        Bend Homeless Coalition, the list can go on and of the
        partnerships we have in place to serve our clients.

        LL:  What  kind of  advice or tips  can you offer  our

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