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1000 MEN RALLY                                          Land, Inc., and in part by various corporate sponsors,
                                                                to include Wal–Mart, Captain D’s, Florida Lottery, and
                                                                United Way to name a few.  Regional churches, from
        2008-PRESENT                          by Keturah Austin  Catholic, non–denominational, Baptist and Methodist

                                                                Churches also sponsored and participated in the 3-day

         In 2008 Rev. Greg James gave birth to a vision  of     event.  The speakers’ lineup included mayors, pastors
                                                                and retired prison warden, Carlyle Holder.
         restoring the family by putting the man in his rightful
         place as father,  husband, uncle, brother , and most   The hosts & hostess for the entire weekend festivities
         important  of all, leaders  and  mentors within  the   was CBS Affiliate WCTV Shonda Knight and Cumulus
         community.   The 1st  Annual  1,000 Men Rally  was     Broadcast Radio 96.1, personality and the official voice
         held in Tallahassee, Florida.  The Inaugural Rally was   of the FAMU Marching 100 Band, Joe Bullard.
         presented  by Reclaiming  the Land, Inc., Gregory L.
         James, Senior  Minister;  Tabernacle  M.B. Church,     In 2009, the “2nd  Annual Boys II  Men Breakfast”
         Tallahassee,  Florida, Stanley Walker,  Senior Pastor;   welcomed  speaker Rev.  Billy Neal.  Rev.  Neal, the
         Vision  of Manhood;  Tallahassee, Florida, Executive   author of ‘I Shall Not Die’ had his life spared 7 hours
         Director, Joe Thomas; and Leon County Commissioner     before he was to be put to death.  Rev. Neal spoke
         Bill Proctor.                                          about the importance of choices and the consequences
                                                                of wrong choices.

                                                                The Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Walt
                                                                McNeil, Gadsden County Superintendent  Reginald
                                                                James, Attorney Mataqee Akbar, Rev. Doug Stephens,
                                                                of  Midway Fellowship  Church, Rev,  Danny Glover,
                                                                Malik  Aziz, President  of the National  Exhoodus
                                                                Council, Philadelphia,  PA., and Major Woods (in the
                                                                absence  of Sheriff Morris  Young), Gadsden County
                                                                Sheriff Department, all served on the panel discussion
                                                                of  issues facing our young men.  The  breakfast was
                                                                sponsored by the Gadsden County Sheriff Department.
         The  theme for  2008 was  “Repositioning  the Man,”    During the Boys II Men Breakfast, Rev. Gregory James,
         and the guest speaker  was Rev. Henry Lyons.  In       founder of Reclaiming the Land, Inc., and the founder
         addition to Rev. Lyons, other leaders in the community   of the 1000 Men Rally was presented a proclamation
         continued to reiterate the importance of volunteering   from Mayor Pro-Tem Derrick Elias on behalf of the City
         and men positioning themselves in the community as     of Quincy for such trailblazing results and commitment
         leaders.  The event proved to be a great success with   to such a worthwhile cause.
         more than 200 men committing to volunteer a minimum
         of 10 hours of their time to mentor other young men.
         The Tallahassee Boys Choir uplifted the crowd through
         song and the speakers moved the crowd with their
         message encouraging men to become more involved.
         The Saturday following the 2008 1,000 Man Rally, was
         the “1st Annual Boys II Men Breakfast,” with speaker
         Rev. O Jermaine Simmons, Sr.

         In 2009, the Rally was held in Quincy. Florida.  Despite
         torrential rain minutes before the 2nd Annual 1,000 Men
         Rally kicked off, there was a crowd of several hundred
         that followed the Rally indoors to Shanks Middle
         School  gymnasium.  It’s empowerment  mantra, “Men
         Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace,” resounded
         throughout the region and called men from every walk   With each year the event gets bigger and continues to
         of life to speak with actions, not just words.         focus on men by addressing issues that directly affect

                                                                them such as  health, family,  employment, education
         The 2009 Rally  was presented by Reclaiming  the

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