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and spiritual awareness.  The 3-day event has crossed
        over all racial lines to aid men, from all demographics
        and  ethnic  backgrounds  who  are  looking  to move
        onward and bridge the intergenerational  gap that
        separates men on the move from boys in the wind.
        Tagged as one of Northwest Florida’s largest events,
        the Rally challenges men to become more visible and
        to recognize their vitality within the family, school and

        The goal of the 1,000 Men Rally is to encourage all
        men by showing them their role and importance in the
        family, society and in the lives of young boys looking
        for leaders to look up too and mentors to reach out to.
        Its empowerment is permanent and will be recognized
        in every city that hosts the Rally.  Communities  and
        families always benefit when men come together and
        take their rightful place as leaders and mentors.

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