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                                                                 THE ADVOCATE FOR JUSTICE SPEAKS OUT
       A               full-fledged  courtroom  adorns  the  because I know the needs of the community,” Crump
        by Charles Gee

                       vestibule  of  the  law  offices  of  Parks  says. When my partner and I first started our practice,
                       and Crump. The accolades that grace  we included criminal as one of our practices…and we
                       the wall, along with news clippings,  were pretty good at it. But after awhile the laws would
                       all symbolize excellence,  winning  and  change to make it so that it would almost be impossible
                       record-breaking settlements. This aura  to win.”
                       will either calm your concerns about
        your case or intimidate you if you’re the opposition. The   “ WHEN YOU HAVE
        law  firm’s  reputation  was  built  in  part  by  co-founder,   THE LAWS SET UP THAT
        Ben  Crump.  He  and  his  law  partner, Daryl  Parks,
        formed the firm in hopes of serving their community.    YOU RECEIVE MORE
        Fifteen years later, Crump believes that although much   TIME IN A SENTENCE
        has changed, much still remains the same in relation to   FOR DEALING CRACK
        the black community and the law.
                                                                COCAINE VERSUS
        Although Crump is an advocate for the American judicial   POWDER COCAINE, IT'S
        system, as opposed to other countries, he is critical of it   UNFAIR
        how it deals with its citizens, namely African-American                 ”
        men. His response to the judicial system’s treatment of  His  was  remorseful  when  reflecting  on  how  the  law
        young black men is a disappointing head shake and a  is  discriminatory  toward  black  men.  While  his  office
        discussion about his disgust of the tragic system.     phone rings continually, he ponders the circumstances
        “It seems that it (judicial system) is solely focused on  he’s  seen fellow black men face  in court.  He asks
        punishment and having a lifelong affect on their (Black  his secretary to take the call; the cause he speaks of
        men’s) role in society,” Crump says, “when I believe that  now takes precedence.  The powerful attorney,  who
        the system should be more focused on rehabilitation.”  has represented clients in high profile national cases
        On this Friday afternoon, all of the clients’ appointments  and who has stood confidently in front of the national
        have  been  fulfilled  and  half  of  the  firm  has  already  media, doesn’t seem as mighty when speaking of the
        headed home for  the weekend, but  not  Crump. He  laws that target black men as criminals. He continues
        sits across the meeting table in his office, his tie has  to shake his head in disgust as he explains different
        been loosened and his voice commands authority as  scenarios.
        he speaks out on issues he feels are plaguing  the
        disadvantaged.                                         “For example,  when you have the laws set up that
                                                               you receive more time in a sentence for dealing crack
        “I’m not proud to say that I’m no longer a criminal lawyer  cocaine versus powder cocaine, it’s unfair. If you look

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